Meet My Cat Max!

Stop Cat Spraying

Yes, attempting to stop cat spraying and to stop cat peeing can be a flat-out nightmare, and I’d like to share my story … this is my cat Max. Is he not the cutest thing ever?! I absolutely adore him and he is my world. However, I decided to write a bit about my experiences with some issues I’ve had for a while now. Cat spraying and cat peeing is something I dealt for some time with Max. It seemed no matter what I’d do, I could not for the life of me contain his habits of spraying and peeing everywhere. My cat won’t use his litter box, and I was in quite the predicament of what could be done. A very long story condensed into something very short, I finally decided to address this by taking him to a vet as I was seeking a permanent solution to this untidy mess I was in.

The Vet’s Diagnosis

While the trip to the vet wasn’t the cheapest, it was well worth it. I got in-depth explanations as to what was going on, and why all was happening. I was told that while it’s not the easiest to nail down what was going on, it was more than likely a behavioral matter. In short, my cat wasn’t happy with something and expresses that by way of spraying. It is known that cat’s do spray with the intention of marking their territory, but I didn’t have that sort of problem since he was the only animal I have. If you have more than one animal in your household with your cat, that could very well be the problem right there. My vet furthered his talk saying it could be a way of him wanting a mate, having a lack of attention and the like. Essentially it came down to a bit of problem solving for me. While the trip to the vet was informative and beneficial, it didn’t definitively nail down why my cat was acting up the way he was.

How To Stop Cat Spraying & Cat Peeing

Notice there’s a difference between the two. My cat initially started spraying, later things progressed into my cat peeing everywhere. I tried sprays and various solutions on the market, and I must admit there was initial progress. You can’t imagine how elated I was to have that pungent smell of cat urine gone once and for all (takes forever to rid of that smell!). All was well until everything reoccurred yet again … unbelievable. Not only was I tired of dealing with the hassle of cleaning up, the horrible smell and all else, but the cost of sprays among other things wasn’t favorite thing as well. I went through bottles of spray for a temporary fix. A great fix to that, if on a bit of a budget, is apple cider vinegar. An organic bottle of that works best in my opinion. Put some in a bottle and spray in all areas of the house in order to prevent your cat from spraying or peeing everywhere.

While this seems to be a great remedy and quite cost effective, it is a bit tedious to say the least. This process has to be repeated time and time again in order for it to be effective, and unfortunately is not 100% assured to work for all cats. Along with that, for me that is, I really didn’t like the smell of vinegar all over my couch, bed … the entire house actually. I feel like I was ridding of the smell of cat urine and having it replaced with another undesirable smell. If you can bear the smell of vinegar, more power to you.

Permanent Solution

So, how to stop cat spraying once and for all you ask? Or, to stop your cat from peeing in the house or anywhere else? Again, please know that every situation really is circumstantial. It does take a bit of problem solving, and really could be as easy of a fix as your cat not getting enough attention from you. If in fact you have more than one animal, that is another ringer itself that could very well be the issue. Cats are alike, and whether a wild cat or domesticated, they have the same instincts and tendencies. Again, the apple cider vinegar trick might just cut it for you, and is far cheaper than purchasing sprays from stores that could very well be costly when all is said and done.

For me, I was seeking a solution that would be the end-all to this problem. I spent a bit of money on the vet, which was worth it in the end. The sprays I wish I didn’t purchase because they weren’t a great solution, and the vinegar route was far more effective and cheaper as well in my eyes. So … I personally went the route of  a permanent solution and in all honesty it worked wonders. It is astounding how well it worked, and more importantly it was a permanent fix. I write because I understand the frustration of going through all this and want to share my story so others do not necessarily have to go through all that I did. From personal experience, save time, save money, save the headache. A simple solution will be the end of all your problems once and for all. Feel free to check out the Permanent Solution if you’d like. I’d hope that my story helps a bit and I’ll continue to keep you posted on updates or changes if anything new comes about! Please feel free to contact me and let me know if you have any questions for me directly.

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