Easy Tips to Stop Cat Spraying & Peeing

Stop Cat Peeing & Spraying

Welcome to my site! My name is Sarah, and I’ve decided to create this blog to share my personal journey in hopes of helping many cat lovers deal with a couple of pressing cat issues: mainly finding a way to stop cat spraying and stop cat peeing once and for all. I know the frustrations of doing so firsthand, and I wanted to share my story with others. I’ve had quite the experience with my own cat, and the frequency in which he was spraying and urinating was absolutely out of control. I encourage you to browse this site, check out my story and also take a look at a few articles that I wrote and effective videos that will be beyond helpful in ending cat spraying and cat peeing once and for all.

Cat Spraying & Cat Peeing – An Overview

So your cat won’t use its litter box, huh. If you’re here, your cat likely sprays or urinates all over the place just like mine did at one point. Not to worry. Although frustrating, cat spraying and cat peeing aren’t as uncommon as you may think. There are numerous reasons that may give insight as to why cat spraying and cat peeing occur, and could potentially be a struggle to nail down the exact cause of such behaviors. Some examples of why cat spraying and cat urinating occur could be desire for a mate, lack of attention, territorial reasons (another animal in the house) … the list goes on and on. Your cat is letting you know there’s something going on, and it’s up to you to try and find out just what is causing your cat to spray and urinate the way it does. Daunting task to some, but it’s usually not too difficult to find out why. One can usually systematically eliminate possibilities in a very short period of time. Let’s delve into what I’m sure everyone wants to know: how to stop cat spraying and permanently rid of cat peeing.

Effective Methods to Stop Cat Peeing & Cat Spraying

This is what it all comes down to. Knowing how or why a cat might spray or urinate everywhere is one thing, but to definitively nail a permanent solution is something else. While each situation might be a bit unique, believe it or not there are effective, proven methods to help rid of cat peeing and cat spraying permanently. Some things I’ve tried worked relatively well, but for me some things were more of a temporary solution than that of a permanent one. One thing I do suggest is taking a quick look at one of my posts that is an informative video to help your cat use its litter box properly. It’s just a couple of minutes, but has been very effective.

Another thing that I do mention when telling my brief story is ridding the use of sprays. I know I can’t speak for everyone, but I can tell you what has and has not worked well for me in my efforts to stop cat spraying and urinating. While some sprays are slightly effective, I personally found the results to be temporary and short-lived. Moreover, it became a bit costly and I wasn’t fond of that in the least. If you want to go the route of using a spray, I highly suggest using apple cider vinegar as an alternative. While there are pros and cons to this, in my opinion it’s a far better alternative than spending a lot of money on sprays that I haven’t found as effective in producing desired results. A couple of pros are it’s a relatively inexpensive alternative versus that of sprays, as well as results being immediate (in my case that is). Cons: the smell of the vinegar isn’t the greatest, and the results, while immediate, were also short-lived. Again, this is just my personal experience, but I encourage anyone to do what whatever may work for them.

There are several things offered to remedy and stop cat spraying and stop cat peeing … but for how long? And, dealing with headaches like the pungent smell of the urine and the cleanup process itself are just a couple of things that can be extremely frustrating. And, it was especially frustrating for me because I love my cat so much, and I was put through very trying times. Yet, I want to be brutally honest with my story and what worked for me. I am here for that very reason, to give insight on what works and what does not. I found a permanent solution to stop cat spraying and cat peeing once and for all. It worked wonders for me, and it is guaranteed. While it’s not free, it’s as inexpensive as a couple of bottles of cat spray solution, and it is by far the absolutely most effective thing I have tried. The thing that got me is that it’s 100% guaranteed, so I thought I have nothing to lose. Feel free to take a look at the permanent solution that ended all my troubles with cat spraying and urinating once and for all. If you’d like to try other things first, by all means do so. I hope all works out in your favor. However, for me, the headache dealing with the horrible smell, cleaning and the like was just too much for me, so I went the route of finding something to end all my troubles permanently. Try whatever you feel will work best for you, but in my opinion it’s best to find something effective and permanent.

A Recap of Cat Spraying & Cat Peeing

To recap, how to stop cat spraying and stop cat peeing may not be the easiest task to deal with. Cats that don’t use their litterbox, and attempting to show them how can be frustrating as well. Just be patient, remain calm. There are solutions, and you can get through this. I’ve encountered some people that have gone as far as wanting to put their cat to sleep because of the difficulties they’ve had dealing with such matters. There is a better way. Try implementing a few techniques I give in this site, watch some videos, or even try the permanent solution that worked for me. It’s not the end of the world … stay optimistic and all will be alright. I’ll provide some links that educate a bit in cat behavior if you have interest. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time as well. I love giving insight to my personal experiences with my older male cat Max, and letting others know what I’ve gone through, and what one can do to possibly avoid some of the mistakes I did when dealing with such matters. Wishing you the best in dealing with all your cat matters now and in the near future!